Profile Guidelines

In order for your Expertise Profile to be approved, you must completely meet the minimum guidelines that follow. To report a profile that does not meet these guidelines, send an email to

Clear Photo of Your Face

You must include a clear photo of your face as would appear on a company ID badge.

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Clear and Unique Headline

Headlines must be clear, concise and understandable.

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Proof of Skills & Completeness of Profile

Experts must demonstrate through their fully completed profile, full competence of their professed skills and selected skill levels. Do this by showing and explaining your work history and previous projects or education.

You can attach photos and screenshots, include links to work, or explain your professional history and education. Any reasonable method to demonstrate your expertise and skill level will be accepted.

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Gramatically Correct & Professional

Although with flexibility and concern for non-native speakers, profiles should be gramatically correct, using proper and professional language.

Use of slang, humor, or uniqueness of writing style is welcomed, as long as the profile remains clear and easy to understand, and is non-offensive.

Agencies, Groups & Cooperatives Not Allowed

ExpertsAvailableNow is striclty for the use of individual expert contractors. Although you may work in teams or groups of other experts or contractors, specifically creating a group profile or working in concert as a dedicated organization is not permitted.

Review your profile for compliance with this guideline