Best Practices for your Expertise Profile

Not every Expert will be approved, only the best! Make your profile shine, and you'll find success.

Don't bother:

  • Don't bother to copy and paste from some other website where you have a profile. It doesn't work on XAN.
  • Don't bother submitting a nearly empty profile with just a few sentences. It won't be approved.
  • Don't bother trying to sign up to promote your company. Our experts are real people, and who you hire is exactly who you get.
  • Don't set a rate lower than you plan to charge. You'll be removed from the community without warning.

But these will work...

  • Show your unique style, personality, and your service skills. Pretend you are talking to a potential client.
  • Imagine everything you can do for someone. In half an hour? In two hours? Talk about those things and be specific. Really explain what a client can expect from you.
  • Keep it clean, clear and concise. 
  • Set a rate that truly reflects your skills. It will help potential clients understand your skill levels better.

After you are approved....

  • Chat with other Experts. Ask them questions about their services on their profile pages. 
  • Invite your friends to ask questions on your own Expertise Profiles. This will show people your communication skills.